Muzzle Loading.

In addition to its other ranges, the Benzie Sportsman's Club maintains separate ranges and facilities for its Muzzle Loading fraternity. The firing line is covered and set up for off-hand competition. We boast a multiple distance range of 25, 50, and 100 yards with both conventional backstops and silhouette capability.

The Club also offers an exciting and challenging "woodswalk" with targets at unknown and varied ranges. We have many target presentations including 2-D targets and gongers. The woodswalk is restricted to patched round ball rifle, pistol and trade gun muzzle loaders without exception.

Our schedule is posted on the website and in our monthly newsletter.

The Club hosts three rendezvous and shooting competitions each year. The Benzie Muzzle Loaders sponsor two special fun shoots; The April Fools shoot and Turkey shoot with prizes awarded for both. The Brown Jug Shoot ( a local rivalry tradition ) is held every third year at our range.

Free instruction is available for those members and guests who would like to get started in muzzle loading. To confirm shooting dates you should call John Church or Dan VanHaften.

Muzzleloaders Events 2016

30th Annual April Fools Shoot April 2nd 9:00 A.M. (Lunch Provided)

Summer Aggregate Starts April 12th Every Tuesday at 6:00 P.M.

G.T. Rendezvous May 27th thru the 30th

30th Annual Rendezvous & Shoot August 26th thru the 28th

31st Annual Turkey Shoot October 22nd 9:00 A M. (Lunch Provided)

Fall Aggregate Starts Sept 4th

Black Powder Bench Rest Shoots (Monthly Shoots Saturdays Check our Calendar for Dates)


Please check our calendar for other scheduled shoots.

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